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Common Motivation Techniques to Prevent Bedlam at Work

One of the stressors that all people face every day is the workplace. Tons of papers to accomplish, preparing for monthly reports, weekly meetings and conferences, and even dealing and interacting with co-workers can be stressful in a professional way. In order to face these crises, employers should motivate his employees. However, there are times that motivation in the workplace might change, and it has become the norm. With this, the motivational level of the employees has also changed. This may lead to increased discontentment and reduced productivity. Thus, motivation should be regained by applying different motivation techniques. It can be the driving force that will keep individuals to achieve their goals no matter how hard it is to achieve. Listed below are some of the common motivation techniques that are commonly used to motivate self and others in maintaining a peaceful workplace.

Motivate employees by taking care of small things. Taking care of little things well will demonstrate that employers respect their employees. Employers should ensure that they are on time for meetings and conferences, greeting their employees, and returning phone calls and e-mails in an appropriate manner. This will go a long way in showing the employees that they are being cared during frenzied times.

Be an active listener. Recent studies show that the managers and supervisors only utilize mere two hours every year when applying pure listening skills. Pure listening is defined as listening to a person when not multitasking, ordering a lunch, watching people walk by the office, answering telephone calls, and setting up an appointment. Therefore, one should be an active listener in order to become a pure listener. Ask the employees regarding their goals and dreams, their past achievements, concerns, and challengers during hectic times. Employers should listen with their hearts and minds, respect their employee’s thoughts and opinions, and should take in consideration that employees sometimes have the best answer to resolve some problems.

Clear communication is the key. Communication is one of the key elements in motivation. Communicate clearly so that others will understand the main goal to achieve. Adapt to the way of communication that most of the people use. The clearer the communication is, the lucid the opportunity for the success to come.

Generate high standards in motivating others. Oftentimes, high-performance organizations place high standards for their employees. Employees always want to know what should be expected for them, how their feat is measured, and the incentives that they can reap after they exceed the standards. Just ensure that the standards are consistently applied to every employee in the workplace. Also, each employee must understand how the standards are to be measured in order for them to know how to reach it. Once the goal is often achieve, set another one.

Remunerate exceptional achievement to motivate employees. Look for ways to recognize the employees who stand out in a public way. However, make sure that one should be consistent in providing incentives to the employees. Reward as soon as possible after the action was made.



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