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Being an optimist would allow us not to do everything that we set out to do,. Rather, it would enable us to do everything better than when we do it with a pessimistic outlook. Research has also shown that with repetition, our vision and daily actions would also be influenced. And actions when performed repeatedly with a positive attitude, would grow to become a part of us. Thus, if we are always portraying a positive outlook in life, good things would result from it.

Some character and habit traits of happiness; --

1. Count your blessings.

Always take note of the positive events and people in our life, remember the good times of the past forget the negative and adverse experiences.

2. Be kind and loving to others.

3. Achieving small and big things.

Don’t stress over events from the past that can’t be changed.

4. Establish connections with others .

Create a nature that is always giving and nurturing. Always aspire to see the goodness in others and to inspire change in others. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

5. Continue to be a learner.

Dare to take risks and try out new stuff. Always aspire to change and to learn from others and situations.



It is not uncommon that you have to deal with difficult people. They are found everywhere. They are in your homes, offices and business establishments.   You may come across them in metros, trains, buses, shopping malls, parks, queues —in fact anywhere. They create problems. They are obstinate, unreasonable and they try to hurt you both physically and mentally. Here are some ways to deal with them:

1. Avoid being provoked

 Generally this is the driving force behind the difficult people. They will try to provoke you into argumentation and fights. The golden rule is to stay calm and not be provoked. You will be playing into their hands if you are provoked. Let them vent out their vehemence in the first place. They will calm down when they find their knack has not succeeded.

2. Negative response has become a part of their second nature

Sometimes people cannot help being difficult. It is just a reflection of how they have been treated by others. They may have been feeling bored and dissatisfied with their   life. Sometimes, they create a negative impression purposefully to provoke you to respond similarly so that they can react more fiercely and create a ruckus. A calm and compassionate response to such provocation can soften them down.

3. Try to see reason in their anger

Some people become difficult because there is actually a reason for that. The only thing is that they cannot control their angry reaction and the true cause is lost from the focus. If you listen to them patiently, quite possibly they will be ready to see your point after they have exhausted themselves.

4. Recognize their virtues

Difficult people are also human beings. They are not demons. They have some positive qualities which they expect people to recognize and praise. In fact, one reason for their being difficult may be the lack of recognition that they eagerly seek, but are denied.

5. Keep smiling

 Give them an understanding smile as they give vent to their hostile outburst. A genuine smile can be contagious.

6. Help them and love them

Sometimes people  find it  difficult to attract attention. They feel neglected. It is their way of seeking love and help. They want to feel wanted. They can become


"Become the person we would like to see in others" ~ Ghandi

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