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Motivation – this might be just a single word but if one has it, the possibilities and the things that one can do are endless.  What is motivation and what can it do to help you?  Motivation is like a strong drive to do something.  It is something that begins in the mind and gets translated to the whole body.  It is something that inspires and encourages a person to work harder, be more focused, and strive hard to achieve their goals or to become successful in life.

One might have an ambition or a dream for example, but the desire to achieve that dream is weak since the person feels they are comfortable where they are and they are contented with what they have.  But if the person with that dream has motivation, like they want to achieve it to become richer, to be famous, to be more successful, or to help their families, they would do everything in their power to achieve it.  With motivation, one will try to find ways.  With this desire, one will want to study, work hard, and avoid procrastination.  Simply put, a person who is motivated will work twice or thrice as hard as a person without it.  This person will set goals, plan, and make the appropriate actions needed. 

There might be times though when one would be motivated today and after experiencing failure, lose their motivation and give up.  This is not the right way to go.  One needs to learn how to get motivated at all times.  Here are some tips on how this is done:

  • Think, imagine, and reflect upon your desired objective and find out if it is worthy of your efforts and time. 
  • Write down your goals in paper and make it clear.  Post this on your wall so that you will always be reminded of it.
  • Visualize and constantly think about your goals or desires. 
  • Imagine your goals being accomplished and avoid thinking of negative things that will keep you from achieving it.  Do not let other people influence particularly those who tell you, you can’t do it.
  • Find books and articles that have your goal for its subject and read about it.
  • Read articles that discuss about personalities who were successful in achieving goals similar to yours.  List the techniques and strategies that they used, and apply it to your life.
  • Constantly envision the advantages and the benefits of achieving such goals.
  • Imagine the feelings you would have after you achieve your goal.
  • In one’s mind, repeat words that will give encouragement like, “I have the power and strength to make this happen”.  Then repeat the phrase by saying it loud with conviction this time.  Always believe in yourself.
  • Begin by performing small tasks related to your goals.  Being successful in these small things will give you confidence and eventually lead you to achieve greater success.

Following these steps will change your perception about yourself. Once you teach your mind that this is what you want, automatically, it will be the one to think of ways to make your dreams come true and whatever negativities within will be forgotten. If you get motivated today, the future is not impossible to achieve.

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