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How to meditation is an easy task to do. It is a way of relaxing one’s self. Also, it aims to provide one the enlightenment that he/she needs to obtain for a better life.  Meditation needs a person to focus on detaching his/her worldly thoughts. With this, the mind may rest for some time. This brings out the person’s well being and develops a positive attitude. Along with this, inner happiness will arise. Releasing the negative vibes in your physical and emotional outlook will help you find the harmony with other people. Meditating may help one find his/her inner voice and use it to uplift the current social dealings.

Described below are the steps on how to meditation.

Preparation for the technique

  • Sit down properly. You may opt to place your legs in a cross manner, seating with knees or in a chair.
  • Your meditation posture must be comfortable. You should not feel any pain for the long run of you meditation.
  • Close your eyes. Let your heart be your sight. Close your physical vision but not your heart.
  • Control your breathing. Breathe in and out slowly.
  • Calm yourself. Feel what you want to achieve during the meditation.
  • Let the negative thoughts be released. Remember that the meditation you are about to partake in will be good for you.

Start by thinking about good thoughts

  • Stop all negative thoughts from running through your head.
  • Let an empty mind stick with you for a minute or more. This is done to relax your mind.
  • Remember to stay relaxed.

Utilize yoga postures as a model

  • Internalize your surroundings. Feel the place with the use of your senses. Create positive visions of negative dealings you currently heard.
  • Place your hands to your lap. Let the energy flow from your hands to your head.
  • Move your toes for quite some time. Allow a good blood circulation. This will help you cleanse your system.
  • Visualize yourself as a God or Goddess. With this, think about how you will leave in peace from now on.

Use the universe for you to be guided

  • Let go of the negative desires you currently have. Let you false thinking be alarmed by removing it out from your system.
  • Let the Gods make their way to communicate with your mind. Accept the enlightenment they will provide.
  • Recite some mantras which will call the “masters” and ask for guidance in the earth.

Ask some questions to the Gods

  • You may now start to rethink your life. Ask some questions to the Gods in order to know the reasons that caused certain events in your life.
  • Listen to the responses of the Gods by letting your heart and mind hear them.
  • Meditate on the questions as well as the Gods’ answers.
  • Be optimistic with the future. If there are any doubt you are having, let them rest upon the power of the Gods. Consider it a challenge that you should solve at the end of the day.


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