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How to Motivate Oneself

To be constantly motivated is a difficulty.  Most of the time, one is bombarded with negativity and anxiety regarding how one’s future will be.  One would have to face doubts and depression.  What differentiates the successful individual from the others is their strong urge to keep going despite the trials.

After one feels that they have conquered their lack of motivation, they would come to realize that after some time, they would lose it again after discovering some signs of failure.  The answer therefore is to understand one’s thoughts and the manner by which these drive one’s emotions and feelings.  By understanding ways on how to motivate oneself, one can focus on the task given to them and immediately get themselves back on track.

There are many reasons why people lose motivation.  The first is absence of confidence in oneself. 

If one does not believe they can succeed in what they are doing, why do they have to try doing it?  The second is the absence of focus.  One should try to envision themselves doing the thing that they aim for.  This is like a map or a compass from which they can look at all times to see where they want to go. And the third is the lack of direction.  If one does not know where to go, it would be difficult to get there.  One must always have this guide - a step-by-step plan on how to reach their destination. 

So how does one boost all these things – confidence, focus, and direction – in order to keep oneself motivated? 

To get more confidence, one should develop the attitude of being thankful.  One should try to give more time focusing not on the negative things but on the positive aspects of one’s life.  Instead of thinking about the failures of one’s past, bad decisions, and weaknesses that he has, he should think about what he has within him like his strengths, successes, and things that he can use to his advantage. By knowing all these things, he can turn to himself and acknowledge he has all the things necessary for success.  He realizes how competent he can be, thereby improving his confidence.

Once one already has the confidence, the next thing to do is set the focus. 

Oftentimes, fear would get the most of a person.  But fear cannot be acted upon and it only takes away the motivation within one’s spirit.  So instead of thinking about the possible negative things that can happen and instead of dwelling on the fear of the unknown, set a goal and the needed actions to achieve that goal.

Finally, to correct the absence in direction, one should use the focus that they made and make the necessary actions.  Every step written down to achieve the goal is the direction.  It includes the strategies and actions one should do everyday to make their dreams happen.

If one wants to learn how to motivate oneself, sometimes all it takes is a difference in one’s thinking.  If one changes the way he thinks and believes that he deserves to be successful, the mind will believe it.  It won’t be long and the mind will definitely be the one to formulate ways to do so.

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