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How to Motivate People

Motivation is one thing that can greatly uplift one’s performance in work. Thus, being motivated is essential in everything that we do. When one person is given some things he/she desires, that person may experience a great deal of motivation. Also, motivation involves respect and recognition from the people who express it. Once a subordinate feels motivated, he must not do it due to monetary gains, for example, but also due to the recognition he provides his/her manager.

As a manager, you are expected to motivate your subordinates. It can be a hard task. Nonetheless, one can try to motivate others by doing the suggested ideas found below. These little insights can provide motivation little by little. Little motivations may help cultivate one’s working attitude and may obtain long-term motivation highly useful at work.

    • Utilize the institution’s vision and mission. Relate it with each of the personnel’s strengths. Make sure that every person in your workplace can understand what it truly signifies. Find the rationale behind every word and how the people can contribute in order to achieve the goal stated.
    • Communicate with your subordinates all the time. Know the things that they want and the things that take a toll on their patience. Remember to help them at every low they experience at work. Communication with your people is a key for a productive group.
    • Treat your subordinates with respect and dignity. Being under your supervision does not make them a lower kind of people in your workplace. Keep them standing in times of trouble. Acknowledge their decisions from time to time. However, do not forget to reprimand them once you see negative work attitudes in the area.
    • Be a role model to your people. With this, they can have the courage to achieve the greatest goal through they confidence in you. Also, remain to stay calm during sudden disasters. This will not intensify the situation and thus alleviate future possibility of a much larger disaster.
    • Find ways which will make the working experience worthwhile. Know the things that your employees enjoy. You can motivate them by providing them the things they highly enjoy with every after a successful work output.
    • Assist your people with the tasks they are assigned into. Be that leader who your subordinates look high and respect. Involve everyone in the deciding process. You should set goals according to what your people can give you.
    • Let the people know what you expect from them. This is for them to develop the sense of responsibility. It also tests their abilities if the work requires them to do things they are not familiar with.  Nevertheless, uplift their morale at times of trouble. You are responsible with the results they provide.
    • Lastly, meet your personnel from time to time. Listen carefully with what your employees need to say. Assessment may also follow. It is letting your employees know their mistakes and encourage them to do better. With this the employees may avoid these mistakes in the future.


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