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How to Motivate Others

It probably might be simple to say motivation is easy to do but in reality, it is not.  Telling a person or a group some inspirational words or motivational speeches will not be effective if the person does not change the attitude that he presents.  One should also not try to change the attitude of their player or employee by yelling, screaming, and cajoling.  According to several behavioral studies in the past conducted on rats, the best thing to change a person’s motivation is to change the results that follow the behavior.  So how is this done?

Behavioral studies before have proven that when a certain action is rewarded, it will be done repeatedly by the subject.  In the opposite way, if a certain action gets punished, the subject will stop doing it.  Using this pattern, managers, coaches, and leaders can learn to motivate their team or people by trying to see what makes them tick.  In other words, one should get to know their employees better.  What do they want to achieve in their lives?  Do they want recognition, money, or a promotion?  Give them these rewards once they do a better job and for sure they will make the necessary changes in their attitudes to finish the task and give results that you want.

If none of these things work, then do the opposite.   A team full of pride would respond positively if they get insulted after a bad game.  A student, who misbehaves in school and gets detention, would avoid committing the same action that caused him to be placed there. 

If you want your staff, team, or member, do what you want them to do, giving a pep talk may not be the best idea.  You might lift their spirit and there might be some who would respond to it but after some time, they would be down again once they experience failure.  Try to see beyond and really look at their performance.  Talk to them in person and tell them what you think.  Remind them about what is expected of them and what will happen if they are not able to meet those expectations.  Note whatever actions you have seen them do and give better alternatives if possible.  Do not try to attack their spirit by belittling them.  If a salesman under you is not able to meet the quota, do not call them lazy or stupid.  There might be some issues with the product or a lack of confidence within that needs to be addressed first.  So in these instances, try to talk to the person and really listen.

Sometimes to be able to learn how to motivate, you have got to see beyond the physical.  As managers, leaders, and coaches, get to know the players in your company.  Sometimes it is this failure to see and correct behaviors that cause the bad results.  Give them the things and tools for the trade like skills training, education, and techniques to make the job better.  Soon enough, they would be more confident to face the world and do the things expected of them.

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