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Motivation and Leadership

Leadership can be easily defined as someone who is tasked to lead a certain group towards a certain goal. Leading a group is hard to accomplish. There are many factors involved in becoming a good leader. Motivation plays an essential role in attaining good leadership skills. There are four pointers in which motivation can help one in guiding his/her subordinates in the job.

Determination of internal rules:

  • The leader provides the circumstances where the followers must do. This involves communication rules at work where the workers must exhibit proper talk among each other.

  • The leader should also create a systematic plan or lay-out that will greatly guide the individuals working to attain the established goal.

  • The leader may also provide a standard operating procedure that should be clearly stated and understood by everyone in the group.

Incentives, Rewards and Benefits                   

  • A leader can motivate his followers by providing incentives to his/her followers. Once a worker does something impressive, just a simple acknowledgement from the group can be done.

  • Rewards can be provided for every successful completion task. Once the goal is attained, a person may expect something good in return. This provides him/her the motivation that would let the worker do the job faster, accurately and efficiently.

  • Benefits can allow one to enjoy his/her work despite the hard problems it present. Benefits can little by little fill in the gaps created by big problems with simple solutions. Thus, one needs to be keen in little details to fill-in the said gaps and solve the huge problem later on.

Professional Management

  • Having a professional environment may allow one to be satisfied with how the work in his company is employed. It can create a positive effect toward the whole job and the little of its components.

  • Professional managements ensure the workers that achievement of goals will provide one the satisfaction he/she deserves. This involves promotions and incentives just like stated in the past pattern.

  • Another approach in providing motivation in a professional environment is linking jobs and shifts of every individual. This involves collaboration of thoughts. With every person working at his/her fullest.

Building a better team

  • A leader must establish good communication between the workers. He must know what the workers think about the job they are working. In this way, the leader will know how the workers deal with the pressure ahead of them.

  • If there are any setbacks, the leader is responsible of clearing their thoughts and encouraging them to do well next time.

  • A team must know the strengths and weaknesses of each worker. With this, complementing tasks may be assigned to different individuals. The work that is well suited for one will be given to him/her while the other one gets another field which he/she specializes in.

  • A leader should also encourage the workers to learn more. The current learning they have must not be enough and thus they should strive for more knowledge. This is done to provide a more competitive atmosphere.


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