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Motivation for Students

Student motivation can greatly make a difference in the learning experience of young ones. When a student is motivated, there is a huge probability that the lesson will e retained in his/her mind. In a school or college setting, the students deal with many distractions. The students may express different opinions with regard to the lesson but a motivated mind can only provide the greatest insight for every lesson a teacher provides.

As a teacher, you must be able to deal with students the best way possible. You must not overdo your communication because it may stress the minds of your students. There is also a generation gap between the students and the teacher. A teacher must know how to cross this gap and make the students motivated every day. The kids will always be kids. It is the adult’s responsibility to let these young minds respond with the lesson. This will make the learning experience fun and enriching.

Here are some tips on how to provide motivation.

  • Understand the needs of the students. Students may be exposed to many people different from teachers. Everyone may contribute with the social dealings of the students. With this, you must be able to stimulate these kids at the best possible thinking. You must open them up with the world to provide them useful wisdom. Through the help of this knowledge, the student is expected to gain confidence with everything that they do. Confidence entails acquiring motivation. This confidence will inspire them to do best in their field.
  • Acknowledge the achievements of the students. Further motivation may follow once the students are granted the chance to be recognized due to the achievements they have done. With this, you must show your enthusiasm in things that they excel most.
  • During class discussions, it is much useful to use techniques that highly catch their attention. By getting their attention it the start of the lesson, you are assured of having their attention throughout the day. Remember to keep in mind that the students grant their interest to the things relatable at their age.
  • You may also acquire student motivation by assigning jobs within the classroom. You must utilize the respect that your students give you in order to let them do their best with studies. Assigning tasks such as home works, group works and reporting may help them learn their way towards the lesson. Here, they utilize their own motivation in order to gain knowledge and not just wait for the teacher to discuss it with them.
  • Provide a day wherein they can share their insights in class. You may assign one day which will greatly lend them time to ask questions which they failed to ask during the past days. This can also help the student to think about and re-read the lessons during the past week. With a day allotted for question and answer, the students will be able to contemplate the lesson and ask ideas which are not clearly presented.


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