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Motivation Letter - An Example

Motivation letters are very useful in providing the reader your strengths that may highly upgrade how they look in your work attitude. They convey your sense as an individual. One should provide enough information, not too little and not too much. With this, you must know how to write a strong motivation letter.  Know yourself first and then consult with other people. This can give you great insights which you may write in the motivation letter.

Once you already have a better understanding about your skills, you may now start writing a sample motivation letter.  Decide your selling points and uplift your good personality traits. You can also include the insights provided by your friends. The selling points should coincide with the goals you want to achieve.

Stated below is the sample motivation which you may use as a guide once you make your own.

For the past years, I have been an enthusiast of languages and literature. My studies have greatly improved my knowledge in this background. I have studied International Studies in Westfield College. My course was able to emphasize the fundamentals of Foreign Languages and it contribution with famous literary devices. I found this field amusing to share with young minds. Experiencing the beauty of words expressing different emotions is a great gift from creative geniuses.

I aspire to widen my knowledge by becoming a part of your Faculty. It is my honor to work with your good University to provide your students an enriching Literature discussion. My academic principles do not box the students with just teacher tittle-tattles but a healthy discussion among the students. I believe that I will be able to adapt with the current rules and regulations that school employs. In order to meet your expectations, I am ready to undergo any training that the College will provide.

I look forward in working with all your staff. It is my duty and responsibility to inspire the young minds of this College. With this, I can highly provide you my strong dedication in nurturing the minds of our future generation. Launching a career in the field of Literature may be a hard task to do. But with the help of your guidance, there is no impossible task to do. You can contact me at the attached contact information sheet provided along with this letter. Should you have any concerns, suggestions and reactions with regard to my teaching priorities, do not hesitate to tell me.



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