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Motivational Sports Quotes

Players of whatever sports they are into, sometimes feel the pain and lack of motivation brought by losing in a game or a fight.  They sometimes lose focus and eventually end up wanting to give up and to find something else to do.  But thanks to those people who believed in their talents and capabilities, they were able to get back on track.  They strived to become better until eventually they become one of the best in their chosen game.

In sports, one should have determination, persistence, and hard work.  Talent is not enough, nor is a bad attitude.  Some players have provided some motivational sport quotes to inspire other players and some are summarized below.

Mohammad Ali, one of the famous boxers in the world once said that champions are not made in gyms.  They are built from something that they have inside – dreams, desires, and visions. In one of his quotes he said that it is only when a man gets defeated that he can discover his inner strength and use it to win in a match.  He said belief in oneself is very important since it is when faith is lacking that a person becomes afraid.  Furthermore, he said that in order to become a winner or champion, one should consider himself the best and believe in it.  Though sometimes that is not the case, one should at least try pretending.

Andre Agassi was known for being a brilliant tennis player.  For him, nothing can replace hard work.  One should be motivated to practice, train hard, and sweat every day.  There should be commitment to work out as well.  He said a game becomes special if one feels there is a lot to lose in it. 

Another tennis player, Arthur Ashe, also said that to become successful, there should be self-confidence which is achieved by being adequately prepared.  This was also seconded by George Allen, a football player, who said that winning is the science of being prepared.  So if you think you are not that skillful, practice more and do it consistently. Ashe also added that no matter what state your emotions might be, you should always try to act like you are the winner.

When it comes to the racetrack where everything goes so fast, one racetrack driver, Mario Andretti said that if everything is under control, you are going very slowly.  In their line of work, they need speed and they need to be fast all the time. Some risks would be required in order to be ahead of everybody.  He also said that the key to being motivated is desire.  However, it is commitment and determination to achieving one’s goal that will let one attain success.

Larry Bird said one should recognize their talents, hone it and use it for its purpose. 

Tiger Woods who became famous in golf said one should always live based on their expectations and not on the expectations of others.  In the same way, Michael Jordan also said that one should not fulfil the negative expectations of others because that is never going to change anything.

These might be motivational sports quotes, but they can be applied to any part of one's life. Life is like one big game and everybody is like a player wanting to win!

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