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Job Motivation

A person usually becomes successful in their chosen career path if they have the energy and determination to do their job well, that is, if they are motivated.  The reasons for working differ for every person.  Most people would work to earn money.  Some, on the other hand, work to feel fulfilled.  Still, there are others who want to further their careers and to master a certain area of it.  Therefore, different things motivate a person to do a certain job.

The first reason for job motivation is money.  Money is required for the purchasing of goods and services, payment of household utilities, recreation, children’s education, and more.  Today if you have money, you have power, so people work to earn.  If their job pays well and the conditions are amenable to them, they work hard to stay and keep their positions.

Next to money, the second reason for job motivation is recognition.  Some people are simply workaholics – spending more than eight hours each day to finish their deadlines.  Why do they do this?  Well, aside from wanting to finish on time, they want to be noticed and praised.  There are many ways by which employees can be recognized for a job well done.  These ways include giving a raise in their salaries, promoting them into a higher position, or by making them employee of the month.  It boosts their confidence and makes them want to stay more simply because they are appreciated for their efforts.  Because of this, they remain happy and the happier they are, the harder they work.  There are also employees to believe some of their co-workers should be dismissed from the job or get demoted since they are not meeting the company standards.  This failure of the management to rule discipline over such employees can also affect the motivation of employees who work hard.

The third reason for job motivation is the ability of the employer to see the needs of the employee.  There are times when an employee might have special requests like it would be the graduation of their children, the death of a loved one, or the giving birth of their wives, and they want to be temporarily excused from work in order to attend to that need.  The ability of the employer to understand and to give permission during these crucial times would motivate workers to work harder knowing they have a great employer.  If their supervisors listen to their suggestions and gives room for their ideas, then they do not feel bad expressing their opinions.  If investigations are made prior to passing judgment to them and if complaints are considered and acted upon by their superiors, they would feel more motivated seeing there is fairness and justice within the company.  Furthermore, if they are able to share their problems and concerns to their heads, they will not act grumpy and would be more focused in their jobs.

Employers can increase the morale and job motivation of their employees if they are able to understand their needs.  Some might want to have some room while they work and would want to work comfortably on their own without the constant criticism of their supervisors.  There should be trust.  If ever they make mistakes, their leaders should let them know about it privately so that they know and avoid doing it again.  This gives them the confidence to work.

In order to increase job motivation, the company has to offer an environment that us conductive to working. Employees have to feel important and needed by the company. Supervisors have to recognise that each employee is different and is motivated by different things. The more motivated an employee is. the more work the latter will do in the best way possible.

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