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Motivation Letter

A motivation letter is a letter which others refer to as a cover letter.  It is the one presented in front of one’s resume when applying for a job that tells the possible employer the reasons you deserve the job.  It is something which invites and encourages the person hiring to read your resume further.

It is really necessary that a motivation letter be included when sending in a resume.  It serves to give focus on one’s experiences, educational background, and many other things applicable to the job that you are applying for.  It highlights the elements presented in one’s resume that one needs to be noticed to get the job.

 Oftentimes, the manager would be looking for something specific.  There would be questions in his mind that your motivation letter should address.  He will see whether you have the adequate experience, right skills, and abilities.  He will also check whether the tasks included in the job title are interesting to you thereby letting you express the right attitude towards it.  And lastly, he will try to compare whether your goals match with the company’s.  He might consider you if he finds the answer to all his questions in your motivation letter.

Furthermore, a motivation letter will reveal more than just content.  It will show the manager how well you are in terms of communication and how attentive you are to details.  Through this, he will know the underlying meaning of your application, if there are any.  Moreover, this will show how expressive you are in using words, how you structure information, and how effective you are in presenting yourself to the one reading your letter.  Spelling and use of grammar is also evident in your letter thus, you should take the time to review any misspelled words, typos, and grammatical errors if there are any.  If these things are not corrected or proofread prior to submission of the letter application, it could give the wrong impression to the manager.  This could tell him that you are careless with your work thereby generalizing that you are not competent to be in the company.

If you have time, do some research on the company for which you are applying for.  Identify the specific needs that the company needs.  Include the information you learned from this research into the letter.  This will show the manager that you have indeed placed a large amount of effort and that you value being in the company.  It will also tell him how meeting the need of the company is priority to you, thereby seeing you as an asset once you get hired.

Finally, when you apply for different companies, see to it that you do not make the same motivational letter for all of them. It is wasy for managers to identify a copied or generic letter. Remember that this letter is the first thing that they will read, so you need to present yourself in the best way possible, show your strengths, be concise, and choose the right words for it.

Tips for Writing a Motivation Letter

Example Motivation Letter

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