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Motivation to Exercise

Maintaining a physical fit body to cope up with the harsh environment, avoid diseases and to do vigorous activities that are required for human survival is a must. For human, the most important possession that they should treasure and care more than anything else is their body. This will served as the container or the vessel in reaching their goals in life. No matter how great your dreams are if your body isn’t capable of reaching it. Still, everything would be worthless and the efforts will be wasted just like that.

How to have a fit body? When you are still a child, you are always told to eat vegetables, fruits and healthy foods for you to grow up strong and healthy. As year passes by and various changes took place unknowingly, the lifestyle you are most used to may also change all of a sudden. A healthy lifestyle simply means no vices, a balance diet and a proper exercise regime.

These might be hard to achieve. It requires strong motivation to take place especially in the exercise area. You really need to have motivation to exercise. This is also applied to individuals who are suffering from obesity, overweight and such. It’s hard to excuse yourself from eating all the foods that you craved for. But what’s hard is to move your body to perform a little stretching or exercise.

It will always be accompanied by a sentence “I will do it tomorrow for sure”, and then when laziness strikes the same sentence will be uttered again. Until it will become a cycle and then you will realized that you have spent a lot of unworthy time doing nothing.

Looking for a motivation to exercise is not really hard but pursuing it is a lot harder.  What are the common motivations used to pursue exercising? The most common one would be because you want to impress someone you like. For example, you want a guy or a girl to look at you. However, then it happens to be he or she is more interested in good-looking  guys with a nice physique. This will trigger you to exercise and work out in order for you to achieve your ideal body.

Another is if you want to achieve a certain goal or dream. If you dream to be a model or an artist of course your body will serve as the investment. You need to look extra, good and healthy. It is not an easy job so you need to be physically fit all the time. It is also applicable to other jobs that require body movement.
However, the best motivation to exercise is to do it because you want it for yourself and not just for anybody else. Do it because you care for your own self and safety. If you want to see yourself change for the better you need to be more focus. Exercising might be exhausting but once you see the product of your one hundred percent efforts and hardworks, the hardship will be repaid.


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