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Motivation to Exercise: Get Moving!

Let's face it, we all know that we need to exercise. There are plenty of reasons why we should be exercising. Not only does exercise help us reach and maintain a healthy body weight, it also can help lower blood pressure, "bad" cholesterol and trigycerides; strengthen bones; lower the risk for cancer; help us battle depression; and to decrease stress.

Many of us know how to exercise. How many books and videos do you own? How many gym memberships have you had in your life? You may even be an expert on the perfect exercises for your body. But you're not doing it! Why? Well the problem isn't lack of knowledge, it is lack of motivation. 

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines motivation as "that which gives purpose and direction to behavior." By that definition, we're looking for something to drive us to exercise, something to get us moving. So where does that 'something' come from? For some people, like athletes, it may come from the desire to compete and to win. For others, it may come from a desire to be healthy or live longer for their kids. For most, losing weight is often the goal. But is that enough to motivate us? Judging from our obesity problems, that would be a big no,no.

The problem with motivation is that many of us believe it's something that will come to us if we wait long enough; that someday we would wake up and finally want to exercise. Rather than to believe in that fantasy, maybe we'd all be better off by realizing that motivation is something we create, not something we wait for.

Here are 7 secrets to have the motivation to exercise:

Know the benefits of exercise.

We are more motivated to do things that we'll benefit from. The more we benefit, the more motivated we are. You will benefit tremendously from consistent exercise. For many people, that's very motivating!

Set goals and be Realistic.

Set daily, measurable, and achievable goals that would allow you to feel successful every day. Keep a weekly journal and set goals each day for what kind of exercise you will do, how long you will work out, how hard you will exercise, etc.

Give time.

Make time for yourself and commit to your exercise appointment to reach your goals. Experts say that people who exercise 6 to 7 days per week first thing in the morning are much more successful at exercising consistently than those who do the 2 or 3 day thing.

Dress the right way.

It's very important to dress the right way to feel like you're out doing the part. You need to perk up your dress sense, whether it's a jog in the park or even heading to the gym. Put your headphones on and get moving!

The Scale.

Weigh yourself once a week, you’ll be motivated to have it keep going down, instead of up. Combine the scale with the measuring tape, and measure your waist.

Reward yourself.

At the end of the week or month, don’t forget to give yourself a reward, be it in the form of a holiday or even a day out, you deserve it for all the hard work you’ve done.

Find the fun!
Exercise should be fun. Do whatever makes exercise most enjoyable for you. You are much more likely to exercise consistently if you enjoy it.

Wear a good shoes, dress appropriate, put your headphones in and get moving!

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